Looking to become a successful affiliate, then you’ve come to the right place.

Sportsbook and Casino Affiliates can earn commissions from their website’s traffic and or direct marketing skills. The iGaming industry is one that is constantly growing and evolving, it’s already widely recognized as a multi-billion dollar market. Our success is measured by affiliate incomes rising and traffic converting. Our sole purpose is to build out long term partners for Instabet brands and for them to deliver a premiere online Sportsbook and Casino product for the LATAM markets. Please note the key market for Instabet.mx is for Mexican residents and Instabet.net for Brazilian residence. The Instabet.com will be for all other LATAM GEOs.

Promote Instabet now and earn yourself a piece of the action.

Revenue Sharing

Our most popular commission option, is our generous 4-tiered revenue share plan. When we earn money, you do too! We offer our partners a % of total NGR from the clients you refer to the brands for the lifetime the player is active on the account.

Cost Per Account (CPA)

Affiliates can request a cost per account (CPA) commission structure. Please note this means the player has met the qualifying deposit minimum to earn the CPA earning(s).

After your have opened an account, please inquire direct by email at afiliado@instafiliado.com if you prefer to have a CPA account. We’ll be able to better review what we can offer based by brand, product channel, traffic quality and Geo.

Hybrid Commission Plans

Some affiliates prefer a Hybrid commission structure which is one part CPA “flat fee” + combined with a % revenue share. Hybrid deals are exactly that a combination of two plans – CPA plus revshare.

Please inquire with our hybrid commission plans.