When are Customer Groups used?

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Customer Groups

An affiliate can have one or more groups of customers (players). Each customer group has its own commission structure and is totally independent of other customer groups.

  • Customer groups do have to be pre-created
  • By default, all the affiliates traffic will go into the customer group marked as the default group, unless this has been explicitly overridden

How this is show on the front end

The reports will draw a table per customer group, with the table columns reflecting what has been configured for the commission plan of that group.  Within that table, further breakdowns can be done per date, campaign, media etc.

When to use a customer group

  • when paying affiliates on different commission rates on different groups of customers
  • when an affiliate is given a new commission structure, but leave existing customer on the existing deal
  • when you want to emulate a master-affiliate / sub-affiliate relationship but not have to create actual sub-affiliate accounts to do the tracking (ie. the sub affiliates won’t actually be logging in).
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